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Wondering why your McKelvie products have strange looking new labels on them? It is the new CLP labelling system brought in by the EU (Classification Labelling & Packaging of Substances & Mixtures). As of January 2017 every item that falls within these regs will have to have a special label in order to be sold in shops in Europe. They are in part designed to help the consumer make an informed choice...but few customers either look at them or understand them, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Because our perfumes are such high quality aromatic blends of oils and plants we only require minimal warnings on the products... these merely warn against swallowing the liquids, putting them in your eyes or pouring them on the ground which means they may then enter the water table and harm aquatic life. There are many other far more scary warning symbols which you need to look out for causes breathing problems and poisonous if swallowed etc, but you won't see them on our products. The new labels also require the manufacturers contact details be present just in case you leave your reed diffuser where little Jimmy can find it and he decides to have a swig. A GP will then be able to see what is in the product and whether he needs to contact us for further information.

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