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About Us

When Granny McKelvie was married in Linlithgow in 1888 candles were still the main form of lighting in most of the miner’s homes of her community.   Street traders called with tallow and other ingredients to sell to those busy wives who made most things for the home, including the necessary candles.

By the time her daughter Agnes married in Fife in 1920, oil lamps had taken over as the lighting source saving much labour for the McKelvie household.   Agnes and her husband went one better with modern gas mantles in their new council house on Methil Brae.

Paraffin oil; tallow; carbide for the miner’s lamps; all were sold by street traders like Peter Dickson – better known as “Tally carbide” reflecting his trading cry – right up until the second world war.

With the spread of electric power the candle was no longer the prominent way to light our homes. Although the candle market contracted it did not die as there was still a demand for candles for churches, romantic dinners, home decor, celebrations, relaxation, and sheer enjoyment.

Candles have come a long way since Granny McKelvie’s day.   Although no longer a main source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and use.   In 1986 one of her grandsons was behind  the development of what has become “McKelvie Candles” – created by hand using the finest ingredients to give a fragrance, long life and quality she would have loved.

Whether you want to create an atmosphere in your home that’s welcoming and sociable; calm and soothing ... or maybe evoke nostalgic memories, there's a McKelvie Candle that will fill your home with long lasting fragrant enjoyment.

hand crafted with a personal touch

All McKelvie products are hand crafted on site by our team ... and when we say hand crafted that's literally what we mean. Other than the vat we use to melt the wax and the label printing machine everything else is hand done.  We believe this is the best way to make a luxury scented item ensuring you get the best quality product at the end of the manufacturing process with the added personal touch. Decorations, label designs, wax colours are all chosen to give you the best fragrant experience possible.

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