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what our customers say...

"Hi I just wanted to say I absolutely love your candles. They smell amazingggg, much better than a Yankee candle.  Up to now I have bought 11 candles from your range".  Laura McCann

"I must admit that I am an avid fan of Yankee Candles and have been for years. I buy at least 1 large candle a month alongside melts for my burners.  Friends and family also buy them as gifts for me as well.  However my local shop was able to convince me to try your candles, I bought one as a gift for a friend and I treated myself to the Aipple Tert candle.  They also gave me some samples as well.  I think it's fair to say I will no longer be purchasing Yankee Candles again (I can't believe I am saying that).  Your candles are gorgeous and the smells are very unique."   Sarah Dawid

"Just wanted to let you know that I have now received my order... Thank you very much for your help!  They are absolutely fabulous!  I will be back to order more soon!"   Kristiana Kean

"Today I bought my first of your!!  As a Yankee lover I am now totally converted.  The smell is beautiful, packaging is excellent and love the glitter and bits on top.  Thank you, thank you...looking forward to trying the whole range."   Maureen Dougie

"Just wanted to say how wonderful the Cotter's Ingle candle is.  Someone bought this for me as a gift and it is lovely.  The whole house smells of this when lit and my friend loves it so much I have ordered another for me and one for her.  Gorgeous I'm a convert from Yankee now."   Jenny Dean

"We were introduced to your candles two weeks ago and have been burning Cotter's Ingle on a daily basis since then, and it's still going strong.  We love the way it fills the house with the wonderful smell of an open fire."   Peter

"So pleased to have found your candles.  I won't be buying candles from anywhere else now."   Lizzie

'I have one of your candles and I will start by saying that it is the nicest candle I have ever had in my house."   Kati

"Your candles are always really good quality and I love your range of scents.  Your prices are also very good value.  I would recommend you to anyone.  I will definitely be buying your candles again."   Danielle, Bristol

"I think your candles are amazing, they smell great and last right until the candle finishes and don't fade.  I like different smells and whatever mood I am in you cover most of them - from homely smells to uplifting smells. Thank you for making such lovely candles.   Sharon

"I love your candles, especially Frankincense and Myrrh which I have been burning for years around Christmas time.  many of my children's best memories are built around your Christmas scents."   Tracey Clarke, Surrey

'I am now totally obsessed with your candles.  Even though I love Gardenia, each new one I light becomes my new favourite."   Steph, Edinburgh

"I took my time in selecting my candles, this was not a simple process as each sniff at each newly lifted lid on a candle instantly became my new favourite.  My home as I write is filled with the most wonderful aroma's of summer flowers and exotic spices all of which are now firmly planted memory in my olfactory senses as a pleasant hour spent with the passionate artisan crafters who are McKelvie Candles.   Sharon Ferris

"I am in love with your Lavender candle."   Daisy Claridge, NSW Australia

"The candle was such a lovely surprise...the smell was amazing.  This evening I had a family gathering and the first thing everyone said was that my house smelled so nice."   Andy Wijzenbeek, Holland

"I have loved your candles ever since one was bought for me as a gift a few years ago.  Since then I have not bought any other brand."   Marjorie Swain, Yorkshire

"For the past two years we have had you ship large quantities of your 'Cotter's Ingle' candle.  It is just the most wonderful fragrance.  It's time for us to have you ship more."   Susan Giesse, Virginia USA

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