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We work in partnership with one of the UK's top Perfumers to bring you unique and exclusive fragrances.  When we decide what new fragrance or fragrance combination we would like we give our perfumer the brief.  For example when we decided we wanted to produce a sweet toffee perfume we purchased several bars of different brands of toffee and through blind smell testing decided which was most popular and gave him the bar of toffee as a starting point.  Several months later after our perfumer returned with the fragrance we know as 'Coo Toffee' which we then made into candles for testing. After several months of exhaustive blind testing recieving rave reviews (some people were even convinced they were smelling a bar of toffee) the candle was finally ready to be manufactured.

quality over price

Our ethos at McKelvie has always been 'if you are going to do something do it well or don't do it at all'.  We believe that everyone should get value for money and have the best experience of fragrance possible which is why we will never use mass produced inferior perfumes in any of our products. We wouldn't want them in our homes so why would you?

Our perfumes are created using raw materials obtained from around 100 essential oils including Chinese Eucalyptus oil; Madagascan clove oil; USA cedar wood oil; Haitian vetiver oil; Paraguayan guaiac oil; Egyptian geranium oil and many more.  They are a blend of araomatic molecules and naturals, formulated specifically for our wax and oils to deliver the optimum fragrance.

Such focus on natural materials can make our perfumes up to 20x more expensive than some off the shelf alternatives.


But this doesn't mean you pay twice as much for items using the more expensive perfumes...we keep them all at the same low price and sacrifice the profits to ensure the customer always has the best fragrant experience.We believe that when you are creating a fragranced product then surely it should be all about the fragrance!

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