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scrubber's adventures

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

highland games
peppermint, bay & wild lavender

Warm woody notes with a touch of freshness. Lavender, vanilla and mint all blended to create this fabulous fragrance and bestseller.

wee lochan

Fresh notes of Egyptian peppermint blended with herbaceous notes of bay and Lothian lavender.

rouken glen

Fresh and aromatic with lemon, mint and jasmine, cedar and a dash of pink pepper.

Intoxicating notes of wild geranium with a dash of Indian Lemongrass.

west highland way

Plum, Scottish raspberries and pink and black peppercorns create this delightful tooty frooty blend.

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