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scented candles in tins

All of our candles in tins are made using the finest fragrances blended from the purest essential oils, herbs, spices, roots and aromatic compounds and naturals with the  purest odour free waxes. This ensures you have the most amazing and authentic fragrance experience with every McKelvie candle.

—Pngtree—watercolor flowers lavender des
flowers of scotland
highland heather
FS Highland Heather Candle.JPG
lothian lavender
FS Lothian Lavender Candle.JPG

Fragrances inspired by some of Scotland's much loved flowers and plants like wild heather, king cup, wild orchids and lavender all beautifully blended by master perfumers to create a sense of calm and well-being.

“The hue of heather-honey, The hue of honey-bees, 

Shall tinge her golden shoulder, Shall gild her tawny knees. “


Scottish Heather grows freely and abundantly, and carpets the Scottish moors, glens and highlands with glorious purple hue.   This lovely candle captures that special fragrance and warms the heart and the home

The relaxing properties of Lavender were in use in Ancient Greece and it is still highly regarded as an aid to sleep and relaxation. Our mixture of lavender and amber brings a warm fragrance to this candle which is sure to help you unwind after a stressful day.

lowland meadow
FS Lowland Meadow Canlde.JPG

Grassland covers a third of Scotland and feeds our cattle and sheep as well as much of our wildlife - think of badgers foraging for worms, bumblebees collecting pollen, lapwing nesting in open fields, predatory beetles hunting smaller insects, crane's-bill and pignut flowering on a grassy road verge.


All of these wonders of nature have been captured in the fragrant spring like perfume of our Lowland Meadow candle.   Light it and sit back and enjoy the glorious smell of nature right in your own room.

alexander's gardenia
FS Alexander's Gardenia Candle.JPG

Dr Alexander Garden was born in January 1730 in Birse, Aberdeenshire, the son of a clergyman. He studied medicine in the mid-1740s, and also discovered an interest in natural history. His work as a botanist lives on in the “Gardenia” flower.


The glorious rich gardenia perfume is blended here in this wonderful candle with will give many hours of fine fragrance throughout your home.

sutherland primrose
FS Sutherland Primrose Candle.JPG

The sweet scent of primroses in the Summer, delicately blended with freesia, wild orchids a dash of geranium.

The primrose I will pu', the firstling o' the year,
And I will pu' the pink, the emblem o' my dear;
For she's the pink o' womankind, and blooms without a peer,
And a' to be a Posie to my ain dear May

honeysuckle grove
FS Lowland Meadow Canlde.JPG

Turn ye, Jessie, hither turn,  Treat my love no more with scorn;
In this honeysuckle grove,  Let us sit and sing of love.
Let the rich make wealth their theme,  And their titled honour's claim,
I nor wealth nor titles bring,  But I love, and love I sing.

Sweet floral heart notes of honeysuckle blended with delicate white jasmine petals.

—Pngtree—watercolor sponge cake with che
granny's kitchen
clootie dumpling
raspberry cranachan

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

GK Clootie Dumpling Candle.JPG
GK Raspberry Cranachan Candle.JPG

"A Scots Clootie dumpling is great,  It totally fills up your plate .
With currants and spice,  It's well worth the price,
Even if spending you hate!"


Capture those spicy fruits in this great smelling candle from Granny’s Kitchen.

Glen Clova is probably the best raspberry variety on the market, producing sweet tasting fruit from early summer.  This gloriously rich sweet raspberry fragrance is captured perfectly in our candle.

vanilla tablet
GK Vanilla Tablet.JPG

Tablet's hard to describe if you haven't had a Scottish upbringing; it's like toffee, but not chewy, it's like fudge, but more grainy; coconut ice without the coconut?    Well, basically it’s a wee bit of sweetie heaven.


Made from butter, condensed milk and sugar, this crumbly sweet does not win any awards for its health inducing properties; it does, however, sweep the board when it comes to ecstatic groan inducing.  Save the calories and the teeth by inhaling the glorious aroma of this vanilla tablet candle.

bramble jelly
GK Bramble Jelly Candle.JPG

“I'll stain your fingers and your face
And then I'll laugh at your disgrace.

But when the bramble-jelly's made
You'll find your trouble well repaid.”


Oh the sweet summer smell of the bramble jelly bag, straining in granny’s kitchen after a day gathering the wild fruit in the woods.   This candle will remind you of those days and fill your home with a lovely sweet fragrance that will last and last.

spiced apple crumble
GK Spiced Apple Crumble Candle.JPG

Freshly picked cooking apples from grannie's garden gently stewed with sugar and cinnamon and a touch of butter with delicious crunchy crumble on top... all we need now is the custard!

coffee & walnut cake
GK Coffee & Walnut Cake Candle.JPG

Smells good enough to eat. Sweet vanilla essence blended with cream and fresh coffee beans bring this delicious scent to life. More please!

the wee sweetie shop

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

sherbet lemons
TWSS Sherbet lemons Candle.JPG

Sherbet Lemons (or lemon sherbets if you prefer) - What a classic! A hard lemon boiled sweet shell with a fizzy, zingy sherbet centre.   Remember how they used to stick to the paper bag - so you got a mouthful of sherbet lemon and paper?


That lovely lemon fragrance is captured in this classic and hugely popular candle.

lucky tatties
TWSS Lucky Tatties Candle.JPG

Lucky Tatties were a prized sweet for us kids back in the 60's. They were quite a size, solid white fondant – sometimes with an orangey flavour – and covered in cinnamon powder.   At threepence each you could be faced with a bit of a dilemma - do you buy 3 items from the penny tray or 1 Lucky Tattie?   What swayed the occasional Lucky Tattie purchase was that they had wee charms inside, usually a plastic animal or something like that - you wouldn’t get away with that these days  with the “ ‘elf and safety police” reminding us of the “risk of choking”!


This great smelling cinnamon and orange candle is a welcome reminder - and still with much charm.

coconut ice
TWSS Lucky Tatties Candle.JPG

Sweet and fragrant fresh coconut blended with sweet sugar to transport you to paradise.

coo toffee
TWSS Coo Toffee Candle.JPG

The Highland Toffee bar is one of Scotland’s most iconic sweets.   Starting life out as the “Penny Dainty” it evolved into the famous bar whose “Highland Cow” logo quickly led to its more common name amongst Scottish children everywhere.


You won’t smell any ‘coo’ in this candle, but the sweet toffee smell is gorgeous.

cherry lips
TWSS Sherbet lemons Candle.JPG

Saturday afternoon matinee with a quarter of cherry lips .. now why did we like those sweets so much? Perhaps it was the special sweetness or did we think there was something very exciting about lips?


Capture that special cherry flavour in this great smelling candle.

chocolate limes
TWSS Lucky Tatties Candle.JPG

Zingy kaffir limes with a dash of lemon and a dollop of chocolate in the middle create this fresh mouthwatering scent.

the steamie

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

warm linen
TS Warm Linen Candle.JPG

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh clean linens just out of the dryer - fluffy  towel fresh. The classic scent of line-dried laundry gets a modern twist in this fantastic candle. The familiar feeling of clean comfort makes home feel even warmer.

soap flakes
TS Soap Flakes Candle.JPG

The warm soapy and fresh clean linen smells of Soap Flakes will make your friends think you've been busy all day doing the housework. So light this candle, put your feet up and leave the laundry for another one will know!

wash day
TS Soap Flakes Candle.JPG

Fresh and clean with aquatic notes of melon and lotus flower blended with sweet freesia and a dash of sweet rose.

coorie doon
TS Coorie Doon Candle.JPG

The Miner’s Lullaby “Coorie Doon” evokes tender feelings of the affection between parent and child. Our McKelvie family were miners for generations and identify with the lines:

Your daddy coories doon, my darling
Doon in a three foot seam,
So you can coorie doon, my darling,
Coorie doon and dream

This wonderful fragrance is more than just ‘baby powder’, it evokes all that is tender and loving and warm between parent and child.

spring fresh
TS Spring Fresh Candle.JPG

Spring is in the air .... cue the fresh tingly morning air, watery blue skies, perhaps even a few blossoms showing that warmer weather is on its way. Gather in your washing from the outside line on a beautiful warm sunny spring day ... hold it close and take in a deep breath and you’ll have a pretty good idea what this wonderful scented candle smells like.

TS Soap Flakes Candle.JPG

Such a beautiful scent with delicate blackberries and a dash of gentle amber for those sweet summer days.

the poets

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

cotters ingle
little white rose
TP Cotters Ingle Candle.JPG

“His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonilie,
His clean hearth-stane, his thrifty wifie's smile,
The lisping infant, prattling on his knee,
Does a' his weary kiaugh and care beguile,
And makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.”  (Robert Burns)


Enjoy the nostalgic fragrances of an open fire and the friendly warmth it brings.

TP Little White Rose Candle.JPG

“The rose of all the world is not for me

I want for my part

Only the little white rose of Scotland

That smells sharp and sweet - and breaks the heart “ 

(Hugh Mac Diarmid)


Enjoy the classic fragrance of the magnificent little white rose of Scotland.

fingal's cave
TP Fingals Cave Candle.JPG

“Not Saint John, in Patmos’ isle

In the passion of his toil,

When he saw the churches seven,

Golden aisled, built up in heaven

Gazed at such rugged wonder!”   (Keats)


Breathe in the fresh clean invigorating ocean fragrance of the wonderful Fingal’s Cave.

wild mountain thyme
TP Fingals Cave Candle.JPG

Spicy and herbaceous with sweet honeyed notes and aromatic Egyptian thyme.

eriskay love
TP Eriskay Love Candle.JPG

“Thou art music of my heart,
Harp of joy oh cush mo cree;
Moon of guidance by night,
Strength and light thou 'rt to me.”


The soft warm romantic tones of the Islands are captured in this beautiful fragrance to match a beautiful song.

livingstone's africa
TP Fingals Cave Candle.JPG

Mmmm spicy spicy... with saffron and woody notes blended together with peppercorn, musk and harissa spices.

—Pngtree—cairn terrier-accessories3 brus
scrubber's adventures

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

west highland way
highland games
SA West Highland Way Candle.JPG
SA Highland Games Candle.JPG

Warm woody notes with a touch of freshness. Lavender, vanilla and mint all blended to create this fabulous fragrance and bestseller.

Plum, Scottish raspberries and pink and black peppercorns create this delightful tooty frooty blend.

wee lochan
SA Wee Lochan Candle.JPG

Fresh and aromatic with lemon, mint and jasmine, cedar and a dash of pink pepper.

rouken glen
SA Rouken Glen.JPG

Intoxicating notes of wild geranium with a dash of Indian Lemongrass.

woodland Lilies
SA Woodland Lillies Candle.JPG

Wild woodland lily sweet notes combined with green forest               notes of  woodland ferns.

lomond hills
SA Lomond Hills Candle.JPG

Warm woody notes with patchouli, iris, vanilla and musk.

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