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granny's kitchen
melon, pineapple & gin cocktail
raspberry cranachan

Inspired by some of Granny McKelvie's famous cooking, from her home made bramble jelly, clootie dumplings to her imfamous raspberry cranachan and vanilla tablet. Fragrances that will comfort, relax and evoke warm childhood memories.

With its sweet honeydew melon scent, combined with fresh pineapple, gin, and agave juice, our Melon, Pineapple & Gin Cocktail Scented Candle is a true indulgence for the senses. The refreshing and soothing aroma is perfect for any time of day, whether you are relaxing with a good book or entertaining guests. Treat yourself to the ultimate home fragrance experience today!

spiced apple crumble

Glen Clova is probably the best raspberry variety on the market, producing sweet tasting fruit from early summer.  This gloriously rich sweet raspberry fragrance is captured perfectly in our candle.

vanilla tablet

Experience the delicious aroma of our Spiced Apple Crumble scented candle. The scent of warm apple and spicy cinnamon is complemented by notes of sweet sugar and buttery crumble, creating a fragrant and welcoming ambiance in your home. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, our candles burn cleanly and evenly for a long-lasting scent experience.

Tablet's hard to describe if you haven't had a Scottish upbringing; it's like toffee, but not chewy, it's like fudge, but more grainy; coconut ice without the coconut?    Well, basically it’s a wee bit of sweetie heaven.


Made from butter, condensed milk and sugar, this crumbly sweet does not win any awards for its health inducing properties; it does, however, sweep the board when it comes to ecstatic groan inducing.  Save the calories and the teeth by inhaling the glorious aroma of this vanilla tablet candle.

white chocolate & vanilla cookies

Our White Chocolate & Vanilla Cookies Scented Candle is a deliciously scented treat for your home. Made with rich bourbon vanilla pods and sweet cranachan cream, this candle has a comforting and inviting aroma. We've added a blend of white chocolate and cookie dough to create a soothing and calming ambiance that will make you want to stay in forever.

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