reed diffusers

Our Premium Reed Diffuser Kit comes in a 100ml size which will last approximately 3 months .  Each kit contains x1 fragrance refill, x1 pack of ten premium reeds and x1 glass vase and is available in six fragrances.



reed diffuser refills
replacement reeds

Available in 100ml and 200ml the following fragrances:


  • Glorious Gardenia

  • Eriskay Love

  • Glen Clova Raspberry

  • Orange Blossom

  • Mary Queen of Scots

  • Wild Mountain Thyme



Each replacement pack contains x10 reeds. We supply them in boxes of x24 packs

Many competitor reed diffuser fragrances are made using a mix of Aqua (water), Alcohol Denat (denatured alcohol similar to methylated spirits) and a small amount of Parfum (perfume).  This results in a liquid which evaporates very quickly and has 'chemical like' smell with a hint of fragrance and poor longevity which results in a disappointing 'fragrant experience' of reed diffusers by the consumer.  A good indication of a poor quality product can often be the instruction to turn the reeds frequently - with the correct quality of reed and fragrance this is not necessary.


We do not make our reed diffuser fragrances using water or alcohol we simply use a blend of perfume and an unfragranced carrier solution.  This is why our reed diffuser fragrances last so long and emit an amazing fragrance from start to finish. 


Another reason our reed diffusers out perform any other on the market is down to the quality of reeds we use.  The quality of reed is vital to getting a good diffusion of fragrance; length, diameter and structure are all key.  If the reed is too short, too narrow or twisted or bent in anyway you will not get a good diffusion of fragrance.  The reeds used in our diffusers are grown to our exacting specifications and any that fail to meet those standards are discarded by us.  Because we put so much emphasis and passion into creating high quality fragrances we will not just 'make do' with any old reed, that would be like going to the cinema to watch your favourite special effects movie on a 10inch screen!

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We work in partnership with one of the UK's leading artisan perfumers and a top fragrance house in Provence. All of our fragrances are unique perfume compositions.


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