wax melts

All of our wax melts are made using the finest fragrances blended from the purest essential oils, herbs, spices, roots and aromatic compounds and naturals with the purest odour free waxes. This ensures you have the most amazing and authentic fragrance experience with every McKelvie melt.

Grandad's McKelvie's Marvellous Melts are available in the following fragrances as standard:

  • Bramble Jelly

  • Clootie Dumpling

  • Glen Clova Raspberry

  • Vanilla Tablet

  • Highland Heather

  • Lothian Lavender

  • Alexander's Gardenia

  • Fingal's Cave

  • Little White Rose

  • Cotter's Ingle

Also available in these fragrances on request:

  • Sherbet Lemons

  • Mandarin Jelly

  • Spring Time

  • Summer Punch

  • Daffodil Trumpets

  • Dewberry, Musk & Rose

  • French Lilac

  • Green Jasmine

  • Jasmine & Honeysuckle

  • Bluebell Polka

  • Lady Mary Ann

  • Rose Geranium

  • Cottage Garden

  • Frangipani Blooms

  • Wild Mountain Daisy

  • Lowland Meadow

  • Coorie Doon

  • Mary Queen of Scots

  • Soap Flakes

  • Warm Linen

  • Blackberry & Amber

  • Cherry Lips

  • 1/4 of Pear Drops

  • African Spice

  • Cafe Latte

  • Orange Blossom

  • Balmoral

  • Spiced Apple

  • Mrs Purdie's Aipple Tert

  • Kenza

  • Bourbon Vanilla

  • Caribbean Coconut

  • Vanilla & Magnolia Petals

  • Turkish Delight

  • Coo Toffee

  • Cedar & Sandalwood​

what is a wax melt?

Think of a wax melt as a little candle but without the wick.  They are frangranced wax cubes which are designed to be melted in a wax melter/warmer.  They are ideal for homes where having a flame would be a concern, with very active children and mischevious pets, rented accomodation which doesn't allow candles (including warden controlled facilities for the elderly and student accommodation) or retail premises and offices.


You place x1 cube into the dish of the *electric melter* and after about ten to fifteen minutes the fragrance will be released from the cube and fill your home. Each McKelvie Melt cube will give you approximately 40 hours of fragrance.  


There are many different styles of electric melters...

* You can also use a 'tea light' warmer. This type works by lighting a tea light underneath a little dish, causing the dish to heat up and melt the wax cube. Whilst this style of melter can be a bit more attractive they do get very hot to the touch and overheat the wax.  When the wax gets too hot it will evaporate the fragrance too quickly. Using this style of melter will mean a reduction in hours of fragrance to around ten to fifteen hours.