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room sprays

Our 100ml Fragrant Room Sprays are available in 12 different scents:


  • Eriskay Love

  • Glen Clova Raspberry

  • Glorious Gardenia

  • Mary Queen of Scots

  • Orange Blossom

  • Wild Mountain Thyme

  • Lothian Lavender

  • Bourbon Vanilla

  • Sherbet Lemons

  • Little White Rose

  • Fingal's Cave

  • Spring Fresh

Finished with a tamper proof seal so customers only use tester spray.

Our room sprays do not contain any harmful CFC's, aerosol's or propellants.  They are non pressurised mists which simply suck up the solution when the spray top is pressed.  Our sprays do not contain any alcohol or harmful chemicals they are a specially formulated compound of solubilised fragrance.  Unlike popular supermarket brands all you need is one to two sprays to fragrance a room for hours.

We are also able to supply a smaller 50ml size which is ideal to keep in the car or handbag. They are also ideal for using in special offers and for introducing people to the McKelvie brand.




A traditional aersol spray can not only be harmful to the environment and contain some toxic chemicals but it also results in a spray that has bigger droplets which sink to the ground quickly and due to the speed with which it comes out of the container it covers a much smaller area.  A room mist on the other hand has much smaller droplets which hang in the air for much longer and its spray covers a much wider area. These factors along with the premium ingredients in a McKelvie room spray are why they have such amazing longevity and our customers just can't get enough of them.

Looking after the environment

The environment is very important to us at McKelvie Candles and we do all we can to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. After all Scotland has some of the most beautiful scenery on earth... or at least we think so and we would like to do all we can to preserve it.  Our tins, waxes, wicks, containers and most packaging comes from the UK. This not only helps us to reduce our carbon footprint  but also helps other UK manufacturers. We presently recycle around 80% of our waste and aim to increase this further by the end of 2016...and each year thereafter.

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